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Quote of the week
"Don't tell me how rough the seas are, JUST GET THE SHIP IN!"

Wrestling is here!
Here are the benifits of off season wrestling.

On the Road to State
Just when you need that shot in the arm here it is.

It's Time
Another tremendous article to get us started! 

Rummage sale around the corner!
The annual Calvary Football rummage sale is right around the corner. We will have lots of barbecue and great deals. See here and read more! Read Here

A Very Special Message to Cav Nation.
There was once a time when great kings would commission great writers to to communicate their thoughts and inspire people across the land. Welcome to Cav nation, where Trey Tyndall  at the request of Coach John Bachman has again written another bone chilling article. As I sat and read this article I was consumed with chills running down my back. Enjoy and share!! (READ HERE)

First wave of shirts are on sale!
We are just now getting the first wave of T-Shirt Designs in. We will be adding them as they come in, all of these shirts are spirit day approved! Download this form, fill it out and deliver it to the school office.

The End of the Beginning
I wondered this past week, can there be words express what happened in New Orleans on December 12th? With a profound yes I can answer that. Last weekend I sat with my wife and sighed, a break at last. After I finished reading the words Trey Tyndall has chosen moving forward, i am ready to work! Can somebody say rummage sale. . .lol. I visionary touches us again. Thank you Trey Tyndall!

One More
Trey Tyndall again finds words where I have none to say. These articles have been motivational and inspirational at the same time. Blessing with words. . . .

Gumbo and State with Coach Bachman
Thursday Dec 5th, 6pm, RISE UP CAVS NATION... The Touchdown Club will hold a "Road to the Dome" dinner meeting with Coach Bachman. Gumbo will be served by A Tasters Choice Catering for a $10.00 donation to help fund the road to the Dome. Coach Bachman will present details for our trip to a Championship. Location to be announced. Gumbo will be available "to go" also. See you there Cav Nation!!!

5 Once More Unto the Breach
Attention Cav Nation! I cannot think of a better way to get ready for this week then this article. I invite you to read it not only once, but yet again, not right away though. The next time you read this, read it Friday morning. Friday morning when you think about how many others are loading the car, getting gas, energy drinks, beef jerky, all the staples of a good road trip. Close your eyes and open your heart, I pray these words in this article flow through your body. Be inspired, Be motivated, be supportive, be a Cavalier, and most importantly, BELIEVE. BELIEVE, BELIEVE! 

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The fight isn't over. . . .
The rode to the Dome has no shortcuts.

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Calvary 2013 Playoff run.

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Calvary Middle School Football Undefeated 2013 Season
This is a highlight video shot during the 2013 Middle School Season. This Season was special in several ways, This was the first undefeated Middle School Team in Calvary history, who at the helm was a...

Rode to the Dome Cookout Fundraiser scheduled for this Friday.
Looking for some slap your husband Barbecue this Friday night? Don't want to have to come home and cook dinner after a long weeks work? The come see us and help raise money for our team! This Friday from 3-6 P.M. We will be hosting a fund raising cookout to help raise money for our football team. Any help would be appreciated. Below is an order form for our fund raiser. We look forward to seeing you there!

Getting our Christmas Back. . . .
How can one man continue to breathe and spell out the thoughts of so many others so eloquently? Is this common ground we share, this feeling, this emotion, this bond we all share, is this what makes us so strong? I was blessed last week with not just one Christmas, but three of them. I often ask God why he has blessed such an undeserving man as myself, then I heard the words of our very own Coach Bachman speak at halftime, "Jesus loves you, each and every one of you!".  We BELIEVE, not just in our road to the dome, but in our Coaches, Parents, Teachers, and most of all, our young Men and Women that wear the "C".  (Read Here)

History, in Making.
Right now, this very second, a story is being told. The plot playing out before our very own eyes. When we rejoice in celebration how glorious will it be to give all our glory to God Almighty. I overheard one of the coaches at the beginning of the year saying,"When it's all over, this season, and we are all standing there with dirt on our hands, at least we can say we tried, we fought together, and I can live with that". It is not just our Coaches, but the way so many people have come together to support this team and this school. This is why we go to Calvary, this is what we are teaching our children. Work hard, fight for what you believe in and give glory to God. Trey Tyndall has again inspired me, I could run through a wall right now and after you read this latest article I invite you run with me! By the way if you are interested in fighting for this team, be at the Fireside room @ 6:00 P.M. Tonight! 

Yummy, Yummy, For your Homecoming Tummy
We are so excited to announce we have some of the best food this side of Egypt this Friday for our Homecoming game! Calvary Touchdown Club Has now expanded to 2 Bays to better serve your needs. Check out these amazing game day menus that will be professionally prepared. by Tasters Choice Catering. Remember Cav nation that ALL proceeds go directly to our beloved program! (See Menu Here)

Band of Brothers
Trey Tyndall + Football + Pen = Inspiration. Every week I secretly think to myself, "Wow, no way Trey can top that article off next week, I wonder if he gets writers block". Stunned again! Cannot think of another way to get ready for Homecoming this week then another inspiring article. Another must read!  (READ HERE)

View From the Stands.
With all the glamor of the Friday night lights it is easy to overlook the Tuesday night lights. This year has been a special one for a group of middle schoolers and the man that leads them, Coach Adam Hester. With an undefeated season including traveling to Dallas and Longview to seek out competition, wins have racked up easily for them. After falling behind 28-20 at half-time against a much larger Foster team in Longview these young Cavs came back and dominated in fashion in the second half. Here is the "View from the stands" as written by the one and only Trey Tyndall. (Read Here)

Calvary Nation, We Believe. . . 
Another inspiring, compelling, and motivational article by the always brilliant Trey Tyndall. A must read for every Calvary Fan!

Believe . 
Amazing and rare that a man can speak the thoughts and emotions of so many other Men that stand among us. Another magnificent piece by Trey Tyndall. Brings a new light to our season. . . . Believe. (READ HERE)

"Those That Stay"
Excellent article written by By Contributing Author Trey Tyndall for Calvary Touchdown Club

Black Out West Monroe T-Shirt
Black Out The Rebels
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Calvary 2013 Football T-shirts

Calvary Football 2013 100% Cotton T-Shirt
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Show up in style with you Calvary 2013 Football shirt. This is the shirt to wear to both home and away games. Remember all proceeds go to Calvary Football. This shirt is made of advanced moisture wicking material to keep you cool and dry!
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Spirit Day Approved!
Calvary Touchdown Club t-shirts are now available. These shirts may be worn to school on spirit day.
Pink Calvary Touch Down Club Tshirt
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Calvary Football Bag
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Calvary Meet the Players Banquet
Donation for sponsored table seating up to 8
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Calvary Meet the Players Banquet
Meet the players ticket.
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Download Your New Calvary Schedule

Exclusive Spring Football interview
 with Head Coach John Bachman.
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Calvary Spring Football Preview 2013
Interview with Head Football Coach John Bachman 2013

Calvary Takes 1st and 3rd and continues to dominate in East Texas
Calvary 6th and 7th grade Played in a 7 on 7 tourney this weekend taking 1st and 3rd place 

Cavalier Lift-A-Thon Breaks School Records!
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Calvary Cavaliers Lift-a-thon 2013
Video of the Calvary Cavaliers Lift-a-thon 2013 held at Calvary Academy in Shreveport Louisiana.

Calvary 7th Grade takes 3rd Place.
This weekend in Irving the Calvary Cavaliers 7th grade 7 on 7 team traveled to Nimitz High School to play. This team led by Coach Jason Bachman, Coach Adam Hester, And Coach Angel showed promise in there very first outing of the year. They placed an impressive 3rd losing only to Highland Park. This tournament was made up of only the best talent the Dallas/Ft. Worth area had to offer. The majority of these teams are all-star travel teams from all over Texas. The next Tournament is scheduled for April 20th in Marshall, Texas. Calvary's 6th grade team Coached by Coach Joe Lewis will also be playing in there first tournament of the year. 

Calvary Football players visit Shriners Hospital
Members of the Calvary football teams from 7th to 11th grades took time off from their Spring Break to visit Shriners Hospital for Children to help cheer up patients and participate in an activity day.

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